Continuing Education in The Management Role

Having educated yourself to degree level and beyond is time consuming and demanding however, the end result is what drives a large number of people to succeed and become managing directors and CEO’s of large companies. It is important to remember smaller companies with less staff still play an important role in a countries economic growth and productivity. If you are a manager or CEO, the responsibility is the same whether you manage hundreds of staff or just a few. The result is continued growth in the market place, a happy productive staff team and most importantly survival in a very hostile business world.

We are aware of the current financial crisis, the ups and downs of global markets having a direct affect on all companies. Once again, the difference of a large or small company is very little in as much as survival rate and the ability to operate from month to month.

In the ever-changing market, the abilities of the managing director or CEO are being tested from day to day.

It has become imperative for such educated people to continue their education. The changing market, trends and specific needs of individuals and the staff team as a whole are becoming very demanding, if the current CEO’s and managing directors do not continue their education they run the risk of being left behind or even replaced by a more educated more up to date candidate.

A managing director or CEO will have to concentrate on some key areas of continued education, such as human resources, changing markets and the market place, health and safety and other more individual specific courses linked to their chosen area of expertise.

The modern progressive and dynamic staff teams are very thirsty for knowledge and continued education.

This is time consuming in its self. The HR department also needs to continue their education to keep abreast of trends, legal requirements and stopping stagnation within the work force. The new modern HR department will have an aggressive and at times daunting continued educational target. Without a continued education program, a staff team would simply remain at a standstill, staff members would not be able to continue their growth within the company and then costly advertising campaign would have to search for suitable candidates to fill the void.

All managing directors or CEO’s know internal promotions are better for the growth of the company as they make staff feel valued and promote positive thinking within the team to be more forward progressive thinkers. If they see colleagues advance in their careers, then they hopefully will have the drive and ambition to continue their individual education to succeed and move up the corporate ladder.

It is important to remember that with continued education comes change. This can mean many things however, two key areas are a move for the manager or CEO to pastures new if their individual growth requires new more challenging roles or complete organizational re-structure so continued education can succeed.

The word for continuing education for business managers in Danish is Efteruddannelse for virksomhedsledere. Click on this link to find one of the best websites dedicated to that. It is in Danish but Google Translate can help you with the translation. If you would like to read about continuing education for professional engineers, read this article.