Electric Linear Actuators for Integrated Automation Application

The basic idea of creating invention is solving problem. The development of technology and its inventions have solved so many human problems. Controlled linear movement with automation problem is solved by electric linear actuator. This small electric device can provide controlled linear motion using electric motor to deliver enough power to move various heavy objects. The circular movement of electric motor is transferred to create strong linear motion. This device is now commonly used for mounting heavy objects for furniture application, industrial machinery or other engineering application. The use of electric linear actuator for creating automation movement is simple in installation and application.

The actuator can be installed easily with its mounting system, single actuator or more can be installed for more complex movement, the used of control box for integrated or simultaneous movement can control up to 10 devices. The small electric linear will need 12 volts DC electricity for its power source. There are electric linear actuators available with various force, speed and dimension for various applications. This device is now very common for creating television lifts; its application for dynamic furniture design provide simple movement for lifting or mounting objects like television or monitor. It simplicity in installation and control provide various advantages even for anyone who has small experience in engineering and electricity to use or apply the device.