Psychology Continuing Education: Why Workshops Work So Well

Workshops, both online and in real life, have always had a major part to play in the realm of psychology continuing education. Few other methods of teaching give students the chance to interact and have a concentrated period where only a small portion of their field is delved into on a deep, meaningful basis. These kinds of sessions provide key perspectives that can be difficult to come across in traditional media, such as books and DVDs. Some of the most noted experts in the field have lent their broad experience to these workshops, intent on bettering the state of the social sciences.

As anyone involved in the field knows, psychology continuing education is a requirement in almost every district as a prerequisite to remaining licensed and employed. Today, there are many options out there for the professional in the field. Online opportunities abound, as do in-person classes. But nothing quite compares to the workshop. Through a workshop (which can last anywhere from four hours to an entire weekend), you can mix and mingle with other professionals while learning at the feet of someone who is at the top of the field.

Anyone trying to advance in their careers knows how important it is to network with other successful professionals in their field. Not only can you learn from others, you can make contacts that can help you move forward and find better career opportunities. At the very least, you can bounce ideas of others in the profession and see if you can't learn better ways to treat your patients. You might think online workshops don't afford that opportunity, but you would be wrong in many cases. True, it isn't quite the same dynamic, but you can still make contacts and the exchange of ideas is often faster and more complex in a written environment where people are free to link off to their favorite resources.

There are dozens of ways to fulfill your psychology continuing education requirements, so why not do it in a way that can be fun, rewarding, and memorable. No one said that getting CEs had to be boring and dry. If you found your field to be boring and dry, chances are you would have chosen to go into something else. The best workshops lift that veil and bring excitement back to psychology and the social sciences. Find a good one, sign up, and see for yourself that earning credits can be just as enjoyable as your first heady days at University.