Early Childhood Development Education: Encouraging Parents And Teachers To Continue Learning

Early Childhood Development Education: Encouraging Parents and Teachers to Continue Learning

The early years of a child's life are so important for their development. Teachers and parents are being encouraged to seek out resources, to help the children in their care learn and grow, in an age appropriate method based on their development. Researchers in the field of early childhood development education view parents and teachers as an integral part of the learning process. Even from the first two years of life, a child needs to be nurtured into developing his or her own sense of self. The building of a child's identify will shape his or her early childhood development education throughout schooling, and well into the workforce as an adult. In addition to providing exceptionally trained and professional childcare providers, educational institute programs should emphasize links with home, family, and culture. By using developmentally appropriate practice, and culturally appropriate practice, education can support families in addition to the child being cared for.

A young child needs his or her early childhood development education to provide nurturing role models, healthy nutrition and stimulus and interaction to lay the foundation for future success. Attention and affection will build the child's emotional wellness, while age appropriate fitness, rest, and activities, will provide a healthy body to harbor a strong mind.

Early childhood education development training is a service provided to educational institutes, to train teachers and childcare providers, equipping them with a more thorough understanding of developmental stages in a young child's learning process. With adult education on topics in early childhood development education, and better programs implemented in schools, children will be able to learn and retain knowledge at a pace that is appropriate for their age, and developmental level.

Early Childhood Development Education Builds on Developmental Domains

The developmental domains in early childhood education: social, physical, intellectual, communicative, cognitive and emotional, can be nurtured through books, games, and activities from the pre-school age. In the past many pre-elementary school years were spent without a focus on education. With the research that has been put into early childhood development education over the past two decades, it is now well known that a child's care provider can be assisting in the development of young children, from before their first birthday.

Parents and teachers can play an active role in their children's development, by reading books on early childhood development education, and by reading past presentations and publications by leaders in the education field. A consulting service is a recommended path toward better early childhood developmental education. Competency assessments are a way for a parent to help their child learn based on his or her strengths and weaknesses. Lifelong Learn is a child consultancy service and early childhood development educators. They offer a number or services including: books for children along with associated resources, and adult learning, presentations, workshops, consultancy and publications to teach childcare providers effective methods of teaching and raising young children.

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