Continuing Education For Dentists

Continuing education for dentists supports dentists in all varieties of specialties to help educate them about any important changes in their profession. has quite a few excellent online continuing education programs for dentists and their staff. The current standard of treatment and specialized techniques are taught through the online training sessions. This helps to raise the bar of the quality of standards of care, so that every Dentist has the same opportunity to receive excellent training whether they live in Peoria or New York City.

Continuing education, as offered by for dental professionals, is important to improve skills and knowledge, and also it is a requirement to maintain a professional license. After a dentist leaves dental school they need to be licensed in their state of residence in order to be able to practice dentistry. Each year they must follow the criteria established by their state regulatory agency, which includes the protocols of the required continuing education minimums. Every state has different requirements but all states require that the license be renewed on some stated time schedule. In California, the requirements are that the license to practice dentistry be renewed every two years with a minimum of 50 hours of continuing education. There are ways to meet this requirement such as attending seminars and in-person classes, but the online courses like the ones found at are by far the most affordable and convenient ways to meet the requirements for ongoing continuing education. By taking the online courses of, dentists can both further their education and earn continuing education credits that apply towards the requirements to renew their license.
Online continuing education courses help dentists become aware of the most important advancements in their profession. Continuing education courses are one of the best examples of using technology to provide long distance learning. The online continuing education programs cover training, business management issues, and integration of new technology and equipment that will benefit the practice.

Here is just a sample of the some of the online continuing education programs that are available:
"Preventive Dentistry
"Diagnostics and Treatment planning
"Esthetic Dentistry
"Geriatric Dentistry
"Oral Surgery