Veterinary Technician Continuing Education - The Pros and Cons

Veterinary technician continuing education is a customized program with the main objective of enhancing the knowledge and improving the skills of vet techs. This program is compulsory for all vet techs especially during the renewal of their licenses no matter how experienced they are in the work place.

To comply with the state standard, it is compulsory for the vet techs to complete a 16-hour continuing education related to animal health. The number of credit hours may vary from one state to another as each state has its own requirement on the credit hours. This program can be obtained through US Department of Education, colleges or higher learning institutions accredited by U.S. Department of Education, Joint Commission On Accreditation of Hospitals, government agencies and other approved veterinary organizations.

Many animal health techs, especially those who select for self study may find that attending this program is time consuming.

It is stressful and exhausting for those who have to spend their time for work and study. Furthermore, they also find that it is cost consuming too. They have to allocate additional fund for paying the fee for this program.

In fact, if we look at it positively, this program is good for them as it provides opportunities for them to learn the new knowledge, new technology and the latest surgical techniques for their career advancement in the future. They are able to upgrade themselves in mastering the clinical skills. They can also develop themselves by learning new knowledge for better quality of treatment. Indirectly the vet techs are having higher market value after attending the program. The more programs they participate, the higher chance they will be getting higher salary and job promotion.

Veterinary technician continuing education is indeed good for personal development.

Learning has no limit. All the vet techs should always make sure that they always meet the expected competency level.