Continuing my education for promotional purposes

I have been in my current position in my firm now for over three years. I do not find my job challenging enough or if I am honest rewarding enough monetary wise or fulfillment wise. I do not feel excited about coming to work the way I used to only a year ago.

My problem is that my current level of education means I have reached as far as I can go in my particular field. The new “kids on the block” who join our firm straight from university have degrees coming out of their ears. The only thing they lack is experience but this can be accumulated within a couple of years. I have done some research and within two years, the latest young high flyer will have accumulated enough experience to side step me. So in as little as two to three years he could be my boss. Whatever I decide to do, I need to do it now.

I need to get an equivalent degree if not a master’s degree.

This would see me into my well-deserved retirement and ensure the younger management members will remain my subordinates. I have to initiate my continuing education program and fast if I wish to fulfill my ambitious plan in the tight time scale. My continuing education means time away from my desk, attending lectures. The written work is no problem as this can be done in the evening at home or in the office if I need to access files etc.

I took no time in contacting the local university. I was shocked to hear I would have to sit an entrance exam if I wish to continue my education. They also insist that I attend a returning to education workshop as it has been so long since I studied.

I had to agree if my continuing education plan was to succeed.

I made all the relevant appointments and carried out a costing exercise of the next two years during my continuing education program. I was now ready to address my boss with my proposal.

I asked for a consultation and it was scheduled for the next day. I also asked for my supervisor to attend the meeting at the latter stage. I also asked a human resource representative to attend. This way any agreements would be done there and then rather than schedule another meeting thus wasting valuable time and resources.

As I imagined it, the meeting went flawlessly. My meticulous planning was a masterpiece. My continuing education plan was now a reality. I do not believe the new younger managers could act so proactively now or in the future, you either have it or not. And I not only have it but very soon I will have a master’s degree that will keep the young pups biting at my heels where they belong.

I would recommend any manager to initiate a continuing education plan of their own if they want to stay ahead of the game. “If you snooze you lose” as the saying goes.