To Counterattack Benq Projector Market Continues To Expand Educational Leadership - Educational

Although the Education Projector Increasingly weakened market position of bad-mouthing the sound constantly, BenQ BenQ did the opposite, for the education market, recently introduced a series of consecutive full of features and functionality of the products leading, among which short-focus, highlight the main models MP776ST and MP772ST especially noteworthy. For the early years, started with mobile business projectors, and gradually gain a firm foothold in the domestic market, fired the name, until the first half of 2009, the Chinese market for two consecutive quarters crowned as the first of the new division champion, the overall counter-education market has become BenQ Projector Business Unit to further increase market share and growing lead in an important strategic step.

As "The Art of War? Military war articles," said, lies in the use of troops to avoid the enemy of your heart and hit it withdraws. As early as the beginning of this century Jinru projector market has been strong BenQ projector spotted emerging business trend, in the heart development of mobile products, nurturing the business market, many international brands get together to avoid competition, education, commodities markets. To between one to one, BenQ already in the business market reputation in its overall military buildup after gaining precious time. Years later, when old age and many of the brand for fear Love, forced by the education, engineering withdraw to all areas of the market to expand the occasion, BenQ BenQ once again welcomed a beachhead good time to counterattack. The new education

BenQ BenQ projector to MP776ST lead. Machine kind of advanced short-focus fisheye lens aspherical technology, projection ratio up to 0.61:1 (the previous generation of star products further MP771 / MP771 Projector ratio of 0.67:1), just a meter in projected distance 81 inches large screen. By contrast more than three times the traditional projector Zexu projected distance to the screen the same size. BenQ short focus projection technology to bring high-magnification image formation without distortion, for education customers, the demonstration where possible interpretation of the whole situation, to move freely, will not feel dazzling light, do not worry about blocking the screen content. Even the small teaching space, no problem!

Order to fully meet the educational needs of information technology and modernization, MP776ST to provide full support, convenience and the United States Crestron (Crestron) docking central network control system, so that education units through friendly and convenient control interface, while distribution of hundreds of projectors in all classrooms to monitor and Management . In addition, MP776STDLP digital projectors, golden color wheel with 6 nodes, with the ultimate popular color technology and 3D color management capabilities, can bring high quality, exquisite presentation. In addition to common input and output interfaces,, MP776ST also equipped with HDMI digital high-definition multimedia Video Interface and built-in 5W stereo 2 Speaker .

Others, MP776ST brightness of 3500ANSI lumens, a contrast ratio of 2400:1, 16.7 million may be the perfect present full-color, screen size (diagonal) maximum to 300 ", the standard resolution of XGA (1024 768), compatible with the resolution from VGA (640 480) to SXGA (1280 1024), working noise only 34/29 decibels (normal / economic mode), and with no filter design (a more than ordinary LCD Projector eliminates the need for change and the cost of cleaning dust filter), most of the educational environment can be adapted to application needs, coupled with BenQ BenQ projector industry renowned five-star service, will become the Higher Education, general education, vocational education and even other kinds of early childhood teaching units priority to buy the object. In addition to star products MP776ST

short focus projector outside the full range of BenQ projectors also have included education, MP626, MP670, MP776, MP777, MP772ST, etc., a strong product lineup, the strength of obvious advantages. In the past two years, BenQ BenQ Water Education industry standard test case of the market. As of July 2009, accumulated more than 400 successful projects. For example, in Guizhou Cultural Sharing Project a successful 3000, in the Henan Cultural Sharing Project has once again awarded 2,000, BenQ projector more frequently appeared in all levels of schools in the country to begin the preliminary approval by the education market, as well this year China projector market Guanjunbaozuo riding basis.