Orthopedics hyperguide application imparts global physicians a Continuous Medical Education

Vindico, as a company is the synonym for quality and successful medical activities in New Jersey. With the advent of technology, Vindico has rightly launched a mobile application to provide the practicing physicians the daily updates in the healthcare industry. The application when launched on your Smartphone gives the user, an unlimited database of knowledge and information. Besides the immense knowledge in the form of online lectures, podcasts and also with an option of engaging tutorials, the application gives the choice of evaluating oneself in the acquired knowledge by taking up tests and getting the score of the performance. It is of high priority that the practicing medical professionals upgrade their knowledge to enhance their services to their patients.

The very purpose of CME is to deliver the healthcare professionals with the most recent advancements in clinical relevancy, verified medical facts and productive way of using the available resources.

All of these updates aim at achieving enhanced patient care and awareness and better medical knowledge for the physicians. This app is designed to achieve these goals in a convenient way.

At the launch of ‘Orthopedic hyperguide’ application, you are prompted for your login details. After supplying the credentials, the user is taken to the home page where you can start off your learning process in a very effective manner. Each post will brief its own learning objectives and keeps you on to explore the advancements happening in the medical field. The faculty detail of that respective chapter is also highlighted for reader’s benefit. To sum-up, the orthopedic hyperguide is designed to best for regular usage. Keeping up with the medical related information even on the move is a tedious factor without this mobile app. Not only is the learning aspect is a wonder, but also taking up a test and to keep track of the score is made possible to assist the physicians to earn a CME certificate. With a lot of tutorials taking place to deliver the medical practitioners the new and evolved medical aspects, these tutorials and lectures are all available on the Smartphone at their finger tips. The developers of this app, though from a through technical back ground have put in their extra hours and efforts in understanding how exactly the Continual Medical Education works and its significance in the medical industry. These aspects are understood in a module wise to create an app that knows all the issues it might encounter while a medical professional operates the app.

The app is capable of processing and supporting a varied multiple data formats such as audio, video and text files. Another noteworthy achievement from the developers is the video streaming feature on the mobile device, which is accomplished using Darwin streaming server and through a network control protocol namely Real Time Streaming Protocol abbreviated as RTSP. Such high end technology resources are used wisely to frame this app to perfection.

Medical education in virtual world demands different types of data files and all these are available on common platforms including Blackberry and iPhone. With the CME certification kept in a high priority, the incomplete and completed quizzes are kept track off to enable the physicians to earn their CME credits. If a user performs satisfactorily in these quizzes, the CME certificate will be emailed to them with no delay.